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About Nick Adams Fitness

  •  Private Garage Gym
  • Members only
  • Private Personal Training 
  • In Person or Online

Specialize in sports conditioning, weight loss, boxing, strongman, powerlifting, and general fitness. 

  •  One-on-one training
  • Small groups
  • Personalized workout routines and programming
  • Dietary suggestions 

More About the trainer/owner

I have been an ISSA/CSCS certified trainer since 2015. I offer personalized programming that is completely based on the individual. I can work alongside your doctor, physical therapist and dietitian to create the best and most effective plan for you. 

I’ve worked with people as young as 10 and as old as 70 doing a range of things from boxing and bodybuilding to general fitness and weight loss. I am a competing strongman through the USS organization. I do offer training in both strongman and powerlifting if you need specific coaching in those areas. 

I’ve worked with athletes just starting out all the way through to professional levels in my time working in St. Louis. Don’t think that you need to be an athlete in order to train with me. If you need to make healthy changes in your life, I am here to help your with weight loss, general fitness, or just being able to move around without being in pain. 

I have my own private facility in Alton, but also offer training and programming online. If you’re interested in either option do not hesitate to contact me by phone or by email. I am always adding the newest and best equipment to my private gym. I do not have set hours. It is based on appointments. If you can only work out early before work or later once you’re off work, I can make the schedule work for both of us!